Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BoA at VMA Japan & Next Single "Energetic"

With CAA by her side, BoA is renewing her energy to strike America by storm! She will be taking the stage on Sunday, June 28th, to perform at San Francisco Pride 2009. BoA will be joining other headliners such as Solange Knowles and The Cliks. Lady Gaga was on the verge of success when she performed "Just Dance" at last year's San Francisco Pride. Will BoA follow Lady Gaga's success and have her chance to shine?

In other news, BoA performed her latest single "I Did it for Love" with Sean Garrett for the first time last night (May 30th) at the Japanese VMA's. BoA looked stunning as she donned her half cornrolled look in black and white attire with knee high boots while Sean Garrett was in a preppy varsity sweater, rolled up dark jeans, and golfer cap. The duo looked very happy to be performing and continued to hype the crowd until the end of their performance. So far, this is one of BoA's best performance for "I Did It For Love".

'BoA, did it did it did it for love. Hey, Sean, did it did it did it for love. Japan! We did it did it did it for love!'

BoA and Sean Garrett also took part in the VMAJ's Red Carpet where both confirmed that the next single off her first U.S. album 'BoA' will be "Energetic". This news was delivered by both BoA and Sean Garrett themselves, so unless our ears are misleading us, this is confirmed. "Energetic" is another song written by Sean Garrett. "Report to the dance floor". A great line and song for a dance show like "So You Think You Can Dance", no? Can this next single put BoA on the charts and grab everyone's attention? Let's just hope that BoA's management will let her get some rest when she comes back from Japan so that she can really live up to 'feeling so energetic' because we sure are! BoAjjang!!

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