Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Suitable for The Whole Family!

150 tablets x 200mg

For Daily Detox & Cellular Rejuvenation


Chlorella is Mother Nature's miracle food for cells. It keeps them:
Clean - Chlorella does an amazing job at keeping cells clean and in perfect pH balance. Rich in chlorophyll, it helps to increase the oxygen holding capacity of red blood cells in our body, and eliminate parasites and disease-causing microorganisms that strive in a low oxygen environment. Another important feature is its unique cell wall fibre that traps poisonous heavy metals including mercury and cadmium, and flushes them out of the body.
Healthy - Chlorella is a storehouse of nutrients, including natural and organic vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, phytonutrients and live enzymes to nourish our cells for great health and robust energy.
Young - Chlorella is high in nucleic acids (RNA, DNA) and Chlorella Growth Factors (CGF) that accelerate cell repair and rejuvenation. This revives ageing cells, turning them back into young, useful cells. When our cells are younger, we look and feel younger!

Gentle Daily Detox

Penyahtoksikan Ringan Harian

Hair Grows Faster, Thiker & Stronger

Rambut tumbuh dengan lebih cepat,lebat dan kukuh.

Helps children grow taller & healthier

Membantu kanak-kanak membesar dengan lebih tinggi dan sihat.

Highly absorbable antiageing nutrients for eldery

Nutrien anti-penuaan dengan kadar peresapan tinggi untuk warga tua

Neutralises body acidity to alleviate aches & pains and improves enegy levels.

Meneutralkan badan berasid untuk melegakan sengal dan kesakitanserta meningkatkan tahap tenaga.

If you're currently taking Spirulina, take it with Chlorella to quadruple its efficacy! You'll be amazed how much improvement you can experience with this winning combination!

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