Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DHA Chewables 300

DHA Chewables 300

Would you like to have smarter babies?

Would you like to boost your kids' intelligence?

Want to help your kid understand and remember better what's been taught in school?

New Improved, 3x More Concentrated

Molecularly Distilled DHA Chewable Tablets
50 tablets


  • Menggalakkan daya ingatan & tumpuan untuk kanak-kanak yang lebih cerdik
  • Membantu kanak-kanak mengurus jadual pembelajaran yang sibuk, peperiksaan dan aktiviti ko-kurikulum dengan lebih baik.
  • Meningkatkan perkembangan intelektual - IQ
  • Mengelakkan keletihan mental - membantu mengekalkan daya tumpuan dan kecergasan sepanjang hari
  • Melambatkan penuaan otal golongan dewasa.

Helps Kids Excel Academically

DHA improves concentration, focus and memory, helping kids juggle hectic study and exam schedules and never-ending extra-circular activities better. Children on DHA grow up smarter and excel academically in school. DHA also helps alleviate hyperactivity in kids.
Ensures Prenatal Brain Development

DHA is essential for babies' brain development particularly during the last trimester of pregnancy and the first few months after birth. Studies have proven that babies born to mothers whose diet is rich in DHA or take DHA supplements during pregnancy and breast-feeding are smarter.

Protects Mothers' Brains & Well-Being
DHA is so important to the developing baby that Mother Nature gives the baby priority over the mother. If a pregnant mother's levels of DHA are low, DHA is then taken from her richest store - her own brain! This results in the brain shrinking up to 3% for each pregnancy! No wonder many women complain of poor concentration and forgetfulness after childbirth. Also, breast-feeding mothers who have low levels of DHA are more likely to suffer from post-partum depression.

DHA is not just for kids. It is also excellent for teenagers, adults, the elderly, pregnant and breast-feeding mother, and those with failing memory or eyesight

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