Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BoA to be Featured on CNN for the 2nd time & Other News

BoA is already a headliner for the San Francisco Pride 2009 and recently had an interview on EXTRA. But that's not all! BoA has announced on her Official Twitter that she will have a second interview with CNN! Three years ago, BoA had her first interview with CNN as part of the 'Talk Asia' segement. However, this time we'll be hearing BoA speak for herself instead of having a translator! Not only that, she will be introduced as an artist advancing into the American market. SM Entertainment has confirmed that BoA will be on CNN and also mentioned that the interview took place during BoA's music video filming for her next single "Energetic".

"You guys will see me on CNN pretty soon. Did an interview with them in between production of the video! Yay! :)"

With that said, it is confirmed that "Energetic" will have a music video! No exact details have been released yet, but BoA's twittering can tell us that the set is in Los Angeles, California and that it took over 13 hours to shoot. Not only that, she'll be in the U.S. for the whole month of June! Hopefully, she'll get over some of her jetlag from going back and forth from Japan and the U.S. and rest for awhile. If you aren't already, make sure to be a follower of BoA's Twitter!

In other news, BoA has been featured on today's MySpace Music! Has all these ads and features help spread the BoA love around? Youtube user TheBeatboxHitman2 sure does now! Listen to him as he does awesome beatboxing to BoA's "Eat You Up".

BoA has brought out the best in all of us and has inspired many people in the BoAjjang community. BoA's hoobae deul, So Nyeo Shi Dae, a.k.a. Girls' Generation, told the The Myanmar Times that they love BoA and because BoA works hard, all 9 members want to be like her. Also, remember BoAjjang duo "DGDY"? They became the talk of Korea after covering Anyband's "Promise You" and had racked up over 64,000 views after only 5 days on Youtube. DGDY member chidori made an announcement back in March about a forum collaboration for BoA's 1st U.S. album and six of the songs have already been completed and released! Support your BoAjjang members and take a listen! All the songs can be found in our Member Creation forums. Click here to listen to their version of "I Did It For Love", "Obssessed", & "Scream" and here for "Did Ya", "Look Who's Talking", and "Eat You Up".

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