Tuesday, June 30, 2009

San Francisco Pride: BoA Performance Time Change

"Time is ticking, time time is ticking away!"
- Epik High 'One'

The San Francisco Pride Festival main stage performances are coming tomorrow and that means BoA will finally perform at one of the biggest stages she's had so far since debuting in America! She is allotted 20 minutes to perform and according to her interview on 106.1 KISS FM on Wednesday, June 24th, will be performing three songs in total. We, as fans, can only guess what those songs could be! "I Did It For Love" is a sure song that will be performed as it is her most recent single. "Eat You Up" was her very first song to be released in America, but there is also "Look Who's Talking". Or maybe, BoA will surprise us all and perform her next single "Energetic"! According to BoA's latest interview on California Music Channel, she will be performing "Energetic" for the first time!!

Also, for those going, make sure to make note of the time change for her performance. Her performance will be at 4:50PM and NOT 4:35PM. Thanks to BoAjjang member, bokachu , for catching the time change and the update on the "Energetic" performance!

UPDATE:For those planning to go to the event, make sure to get there EARLY. For those who went to the Universal City Walk event a few months ago, the people who went at least 6-8 hours early were the ones who were able to get very close to the stage. The main stage at SF Pride starts at NOON, therefore it's recommended you go as early as 10AM, if not earlier. Also, there will NOT be a live streaming of the main stages, including BoA's performance. Therefore, if any kind souls would record the performance for us unlucky ones would be great.

From BoA's Twitter:
"whew, on the plane to SFO...we almost didn't make it! they even locked the doors and called us on the intercom, how embarassing!"

Make sure to follow her on her twitter! She's gained over 5,000 followers in the last two and a half weeks!


Also, as we all have heard by now, legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away yesterday from cardiac arrest. This shocked everyone all over the world as he was an icon to all of us. As many of you know, BoA was a very big fan of Michael Jackson and one of her dreams was to meet him.

From BoA's Twitter:
"Rest in peace Michael Jackson. I'm going to miss you so much...I'm so sad right now"
"I'm listening to "You Are Not Alone" by the King of Pop in the car on the way to rehearsal for SF Pride :)"

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