Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Energetic" Music Video Released Along with Repackaging News

BoA has finally released her latest single's music video via the Entertainment Weekly website, an American magazine that focuses mainly on entertainment media and critic reviews.

BoA is so "Energetic" in the music video, as she shows off her powerful dancing skills in a club and geared out in her favorite accessories, necklaces, bracelets, and big rings. She is also sporting the same style of makeup and face decoration she had during SF Pride. BoA can be seen wearing a purple corset in her dancing sequences, showing us that BoA's skills can't be restricted by her clothes OR high heeled shoes! Now that's impressive! But what's even more amazing is that the new and extended version of "Energetic" was used in the video. It was the same version BoA performed at SF Pride. With face shots, full body shots, slow motion, mirror imaging, and impressive lighting -- the director certainly knows what he's doing and brought us BoA fans tons of eye candy.

Along with the music video release on Entertainment Weekly, BoA had an interview with the article writer David Yi where she shared some interesting and exciting news. BoA reveals that "...one more song is coming out for [her] repackaged album [to be] released in September — it’s the same as the first album but with added new songs."

A repackaging? You mean with a whole new photoshoot and a brand new, never released song? Yes, please!

Once more information about the repackaged BoA album release, BoAjjang will be the first to know. In the mean time, if you haven't picked up her first release of BoA, buy it now on Amazon or iTunes!

To watch the full music video and interview, check out Entertainment Weekly's site here!

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Cool MV from BoA..Dance step makin byk improvement..Go BoA!!Go BoA!!We support You!!

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